Top 5 Plants You Need In 2017 To Make Your Garden Beautiful


Top 5 Plants You Need In 2017 To Make Your Garden BeautifulIt’s a new year, and a new chance for you to take another shot at beautifying your garden. If your New Year resolution involves caring for your garden and making it attractive, one of the things to consider is which plants to add in your garden. The good news is that there are several options to choose from. This can also be a drawback in a way as it can be difficult to make a decision because of your never-ending choice. To make things easier for you, check out 5 of the top plants that you need in 2017 to make your garden beautiful.

1. Moss Phlox

They are typically used for covering grounds as they may spread up to 2 feet, turning the space like a pretty blanket of flowers. They come in various colors including lavender, white, and pink. They are also usually used to line paved pathways or areas.

2. Peonies

These gorgeous flowering plants have different hues including red, white, yellow, and pink. They are low maintenance so they don’t really need much attention as long as they are planted properly. They last for years and their flower bloom during springtime. Peony flowers are some of the prettiest flowers so you can be sure that your garden will look attractive with them. Use them to line walkways or place them with other bush plants to cover large areas.

3. Switchgrass

They are perfect addition to your greens in the garden. Switchgrass are also good for covering spaces as they can grow from 2 to 6 feet. This type of grass is easy to maintain and it doesn’t easily die. There are also varieties that have purple or red hues, which you may choose if you have a lot of greens in your garden and you wish to add some splash of colors.

4. Russian Sage

These plants are blue or purple in color. They grow about 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide so they are perfect if you have bigger space on your garden. These flowers will give that sophisticated look in your place. They can be used as borders or planted next to other bushy plants for coverage. Russian Sages also look wonderful for creating pathways. Place them on both sides of the path and it will look majestic.

5. Veronica

Veronicas have varying varieties and they come in different colors including blue, purple, white, and pink. Their spiky blooms grow above their green leaves and they are typically 12 to 24 inches long. Depending on the shade that you like, you can grow these plants that are low-maintenance and bloom longer. Planting a number of Veronicas next to each other is perfect for covering a huge area of the ground.

Aside from choosing the top plants for your garden, it’s also best that you know how to care for them and that you have the best tools for doing so. Choose high quality gardening materials and equipment for the best result. Get recommendations from trusted individuals or check their ratings (especially for equipment like lawnmowers) in case you’re ordering online.

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