Organic Food Garden – Get a Yield in 60 days

Our Earth and the organisms living in the soil have been destroyed by the pesticides and herbicides used when planting and farming. The best choice of farming is the organic way. But, out of greed and impatience, people want everything in a short span of time. At one point in time, we would certainly be trapped in the infertile soil which would be good for nothing. We should avoid that situation by adapting organic food production. Here are a few ideas to produce food absolutely in natural and organic method.

Small Space is Quite Sufficient
You may not hold a big piece of land to grow your own food. That is not at all a problem. The things you are in need are big containers, a fine textured soil blend containing peat moss and perlite, in which the seeds are to be planted. Due to a small space, it is advised to leave out planting the flowers and utilize all the containers to grow natural and healthy food.
Healthy Vegetables
Sunflowers, peas, and beet greens can grow just in 20 days. It is very important to note that those plants are to be kept in the place of constant sunlight and the soil temperature must be about 60 degrees. The first sprout will be seen after a week. It will be getting ready to consume by trimming after two to three days. There are vegetables like Sugar Ann Snap Peas, Broccoli, and Contender Bush Beans which take the time period little more than one month.
Clean Food on Your Plates
It is advisable to choose greens, which do not require added preparations. The best example is Lettuce. It is very feasible to grow within pots because it possessed shallow roots and high temperature is its own requires a climatic condition.
Tomato is a bit problematic to grow in the vegetable family. If you like to grow it that too within two months, it is preferable to pick glacier tomatoes. They have the ability to live on even in warm temperatures.
Eat Right
In just 60 days, you will get ample of healthy, fertilizer free, nutritious and organic food. Keep track on healthy eating by growing organic food on your own.

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